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We specialize in telepsychiatry, which allows you the flexibility to meet with your medication provider from the comfort of your home, or wherever you are! The appointments are conducted via video using a smart device or laptop, so you will still be able to have face-to-face interaction with your provider. We accept patients from anywhere in the state of Maryland or DC. 

For the first appointment, we recommend being seen in person in our Bethesda, MD office just 2 blocks from the Bethesda metro. However, this is only required for patients who need controlled substances. 



Psychiatric Evaluations

A 60 minute evaluation of mental health symptomology and personal background to identify the best route for treatment. 

Medication Management

30 minute follow-up appointments to assess efficacy and side effects, discuss life events/changes, and review goals & progress.  

Genetic Testing

A quick cheek swab can help us determine which medication your body might handle best.


We specialize in telepsychiatry, which allows you to meet with your provider via our video platform from your laptop or smart device wherever you are. 

In-Person Appointments

In-person appointments are always available if you prefer to be seen in person. We recommend these appointments for your initial evaluation, but this is not required unless you are considering controlled substances or genetic testing. The appointments will take place in our Bethesda, MD office just 2 blocks from the Bethesda metro. 


Meet Kate Engbert

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

I am a board certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, trained in the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of mental health issues. As a nurse practitioner, I take a client-centered and evidence-based approach to care. I aim to create a safe place for my clients, as I believe a healthy therapeutic relationship is imperative to best address needs during treatment.


I have graduate degrees in Nursing from Vanderbilt University and Couples & Family Therapy from University of Maryland. My dual degrees give me a holistic perspective on psychiatric care. I have been in the mental health field for over 10 years and have a breadth of experience working in partial hospitalization, residential, and outpatient treatment settings with patients across the lifespan.

I am  passionate about working with you to find the best treatment for your mental health concerns. I focus primarily on medication management, and will work with your therapist to ensure collaborative care. For stable clients not currently engaged in therapy, I would be happy to see you for therapy as well. I look forward to working with you!

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